50 ideas to train your sales staff 50 Ideas
to Train Your Sales Staff
in 15 Minutes a Day

Sales training is not an easy subject for music retailers. First of all, who as the time? Secondly, what if you train them, then they leave? Thirdly, what if you don’t train them and they stay? Well, here’s my take on it: If you don’t train your people to sell, you’re going to see money walking out the door.

Untrained sales staff is like having vending machines on your floor. Either way you won’t sell very much. Sharing some sales-smarts with your staff can add tremendously to your bottom line, and you don’t need to do it spending hours at a time.

You don’t need to have volumes of material with charts and graphs. You can easily do it before you open with everyone around, in about 10-15 minutes each day.

Think about it: If you spent 10-15 minutes a day on just one subject with your sales staff, that’s over an hour a week on 6 different subjects. That’s not one humongous session on how to implement various ways to crank more biz; that’s a few short bite-size sessions that could add more sales that very day.

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