The Business of Getting More Gigs
As a Professional Musician

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Good—paying gigs don’t just happen—you have to make them happen. Musicians have many excuses for not getting work. The economy is off, money is tight, clubs aren’t hiring, corporate budget cuts mean fewer corporate gigs, and so on. There are musicians, however, whether singles, combos, or bigger bands, who are doing exceptionally well. They work constantly and their calender are full, no matter what month or season it is.

As a musician, you can’t sit around waiting for the phone to ring, offering you the perfect gig. You have to have a plan. You need to network and constantly market yourself.

In this collection of Bob Popyk columns from International Musician, the official magazine of the American Federation of Musicians, you’ll learn how to land those gigs that pay the bills. He teaches you how to treat your music career like a business and shares ways to be clever, innovative, and the ultimate self-promoter.

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How to Find Gigs That Pay Big Bucks

Is your talent still locked up in a garage? If so learn how to land gigs that pay serious money from some of the music business premiere musicians, agents, promoters, and talent buyers. This video is for anyone who dreams of making a living as a musician with advice from rockers like Bon Jovi’s Richie Sambora, Kevin Cronin of REO Speedwagon, Eric Schenkman of Spin Doctors, and Joe Satriani. Learn how to get booked in casinos, on cruise ships, and as an opening act for headliners. The video is available in DVD and VHS formats.
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