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Bob Popyk is an author and columnist, writing articles and books on sales and marketing strategies for over 25 years. His monthly columns appear in many national industry and trade magazines including The Music Trades and International Musician. Bob’s books include Here’s My Card, Frankly—Just Between Us, and most recently, Marketing Beyond Your Front Door.
Bob Popyk is recognized by many major industries as the leading authority on taking sales to the next level through effective use of personal promotion, referral selling, phone contact, and lead follow-up. Bob has addressed hundreds of conventions and sales meetings across the country and has produced a number of books and industry-specific videos that are distributed worldwide.

Bob is the founder of Bentley-Hall, Inc., a New York based custom publishing, public relations, and communications company specializing in sales and marketing strategies for high-ticket retail companies and associations. Bentley-Hall is also the publisher of Making Music magazine.

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